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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

21st Century Skills and Web2Quests


The students of the 2nd Grade of Heraklia's Junior High School, started working on the project "21st Century Skills and Web2Quests". As a first step, they had to fill in two questionnaires. The first questionnaire was  "Teaching and learning 21st Century Skills at school" and it can be accessed at this link:

The questionnaire aimed at investigating whether or not 21st century skills are taught in  Greek public schools.

The second questionnaire was a "PRE-WEB2QUEST QUESTIONNAIRE: STUDENT 21stCS SURVEY" which was a survey on students' 21st century skills and competencies before the treatment with Web2Quests and can be accessed at this link: 


The students filled in the questionnaires and were familiarized with working on the computer individually. They also had the chance to fill in an online form which they had never done before. Below there are some pictures taken during this first phase of the project. I hope students enjoy the experience and I wish them a happy journey!