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Monday, 26 September 2011


Where is the UK?
The UK is situated north-west of the European continent between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. It has a total land area of 244,100 square kilometres, of which nearly 99% is land and the remainder inland water. From north to south it is about 1,000 kilometres long.
UK Map
The UK part of Europe and is a member of the European Union (EU).
Click here to find out about the Geography of the UK
What is the official name of the UK?
The official name of the UK is the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland".
What countries make up the UK?
The name refers to the union of what were once four separate nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (though most of Ireland is now independent. Only Northern Ireland is part of the UK now).
The United Kingdom is made up of:
England, Scotland and Wales together form Great Britain.
Great Britain and Northern Ireland together form the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" (UK)
What is the capital city of the UK?
The capital of the UK is London.
Why is the whole of Ireland not in the UK?
Before 1922 the UK included Ireland in the definition, but when the Irish Free State ceased to be part of the Union the title changed to include 'Northern Ireland'.
When was the UK formed (made)?
The United Kingdom (UK) was formed in on January 1, 1801 and constitutes the greater part of the British Isles.
What are people called in the UK?
People in the UK are called British although they have different nationalities.
Union flagThe Union Flag, popularly known as the Union Jack, symbolises the union of the countries of the UK. It is made up of the individual flags of three countries in the Kingdom. Read more
The Story of the Making of the United Kingdom
The present Union Flag (Union Jack) represented the political union of three kingdoms
  • England,
  • Scotland and
  • Ireland (now only Northern Ireland)


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